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Brewery Flooring: What’s the Best Option?

2016 was a booming year for new breweries in the UK, with over 300 new startups.

Do you love beer? Thinking about starting your own brewery?

You’ll need to start at the bottom and build your way up. Use the right kind of brewery flooring for the job. Wondering what to use?

Read on to learn more about durable, long-lasting brewery flooring.

Brewery Flooring

A durable, safe, and functional flooring system is necessary for any brewery.

It doesn’t matter if you have a tiny family-owned brewery or a world-wide brewery concern. Don’t neglect the basics when starting your business.

Your flooring must meet government health and safety regulations as well. Under normal circumstances, you might not give your floors much thought. In regard to your brewery, it’s a must!

Typical Flooring

Brewery flooring being swept of spillages

The typical brewery floor begins with unsealed concrete. Slabs of unsealed concrete look sturdy and perfect for the job. But to avoid damage from foot traffic and heavy loads, the concrete must be sealed.

Concrete by itself isn’t as sturdy as you might think. It’s prone to breaking and pitting causing uneven and unsafe surfaces.

After use, concrete wears down enough to release unhealthy dust into the air. Thus, the perfect brewery floor starts with a concrete slab. But it also needs sealing to be safe and meet regulations.

Moulds, Bacteria, and Sanitation

It’s impossible to have a brewery without sometimes spilling beer on the floor! Although spills are not dangerous, they can lead to dangerous conditions.

If the concrete floor remains unsealed, spills seep into the concrete. If the concrete’s unsealed, it’s impossible to completely clean up a spill.

The seeped moisture from any spill creates the perfect environment for mould and bacteria growth.

Mould and bacteria in the air put you and your employees at increased risk for respiratory issues.

The Best Option

The best option for your brewery floor starts with a liquid primer. The primer provides a Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) that seals the floor and protects against moisture.

The DPM prevents moisture from coming up through the concrete due to any adverse conditions below the surface. The liquid primer is brushed on the concrete.

The primer is quick drying. Be sure and apply at least two coats to ensure coverage.

The primer comes in two colours making it easy to see where you’ve applied it.

Top Coat

Once you’ve finished applying a couple of coats of primer and the floor’s had time to dry, you’re ready for the topcoat.

The best coating for a brewery floor is an epoxy floor coating suitable for kitchens, factories, and warehouses.

The epoxy covering comes in many colours which adds a decorative element to your floor.

Adding the epoxy floor coating adds strength, durability, and a nice finish. After you’ve got the floor done, you’ll be ready to add the rest of your brewery equipment.

Start at the Bottom

It’s easy to forget about something as mundane as the brewery flooring. But a safe, durable floor that meets regulations is important to your business.

Are you ready for the perfect brewery floor for your business? Contact us here!