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5 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Epoxy Cement Floor

Epoxy cement floors have a lot of benefits over other types of flooring and are well suited for anyone who wants plenty of durability and longevity.

However, there are some things you should be doing if you want to make sure it lasts as long as possible and always stays in great condition.

Below we’ll look at the five tips you need to know to maintain your epoxy cement floor like a pro.

1. Get Your Dust Mop Ready

One of the most important things you can do is to use a dust mop on your floor once a week to keep it clean.

Using a dust mop will be the most gentle way to keep it well-maintained. It will allow you to easily get rid of any dust or dirt that has accumulated over the course of the week.

A dust mop can be a great choice that will avoid damaging your floor while still keeping it clean and looking great.

2. Give Your Epoxy Cement Floor the Occasional Deep Clean

It’s also important that you give a deep clean to your finished garage floor from time to time. Usually, doing it every 3 months is a good frequency to aim for.

The RFC Industrial Floor Cleaner or a mix of hot water and clear ammonia can be a good choice as a great cleaning solution for the job.

First, make sure to use a dust mop to get rid of any loose dust or debris. Then mop and clean the floor thoroughly using a hard foam mop and the cleaning solution.

You’ll then want to go over the floor again with only clean warm water to wash away any cleaning solution. Finally, dry the floor with a soft towel.

3. Have a Plan for Removing Tough Stains

If you have any specific spots or stains that you’re having trouble getting out using your regular cleaning routine or deep cleaning techniques, then you should look for another way to get rid of them.

A stiff nylon brush along with a cleaning solution such as ammonia can work wonders for spot cleaning an epoxy floor.

Scrub any stains or spots with a nylon brush to get them out and then use water to rinse the spot. Finally, dry the spot with a towel to finish the job.

4. Get Rid of Those Tire Marks

If you have an epoxy cement floor in your garage, unsightly tire marks can be a real problem. However, with a little bit of effort, you can get rid of tire marks easier than you might think.

A concrete degreaser can be a great option for this. Alternatively, you may also want to use a mix of one gallon of warm water with two tablespoons of dish detergent.

To do this apply the solution to the tire marks and let it sit for up to 10 minutes. Then use a nylon brush with stiff bristles to scrub the area. Finally, finish by rinsing it and drying it with a towel.

5. Use a Vacuum For Hard-to-Reach Spots

It’s also a great idea to perform a thorough vacuuming job on the cracks and crevices of your epoxy floor. When creating a cleaning routine, aim to vacuum these areas about once per month.

This is especially important if you do any construction projects or other types of work in your garage. This type of sawdust can be easily cleaned from any crack or crevice using a vacuum and an attachable hose.

Final Thoughts

An epoxy cement floor can be a great choice for a garage or for other areas where you need a long-lasting and durable floor. By following the tips above and being sure to maintain your floor as well as ensuring it remains sealed you’ll ensure that it keeps looking great for a long time to come.

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