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How Can You Ensure Dog Kennel Flooring is Safe for Pets?

Are you considering setting up an outside dog kennel?

You should definitely research before you install it to make sure that you have the most hygienic flooring possible.

Although some dog owners prefer to keep their dogs inside in crates, many larger breeds of dogs need regular time outside. Building a sanitary, roomy kennel run can improve your dog’s health and help make sure they’re well-behaved when they’re inside.

We’ll take you through a few options in this article to ensure you’re installing dog kennel flooring that’s easy to clean and also comfortable for your dogs.

1. Sealed Concrete Flooring

You may already have a concrete floor for your kennel. But experts recommend sealing it to protect your dog’s feet from their own waste.

There are also hundreds of colours of concrete available on the market today. This means you can match the floor of your kennel to your home, car, or business.

Sealing your kennel floor with a polyurethane finish might be a good option if you need it to cure quickly. It will be resistant to scuffing and touch dry in about four hours. Not a lot of people realise that polyurethane also dries much harder than softer epoxy based floors. This makes it better for dog kennel use.

Many dog owners also choose to tie their concrete kennel flooring into a septic system. That way, they can easily hose down the entire area.

2. Kennel Tile Flooring System

In addition to sealing the concrete under your kennel, you can also get a plastic tiled flooring system. They protect your dog’s feet and snap together for easy installation.

The K9 Yard Kennel Flooring system has a diamond pattern that’s easy to use when you’re expanding the kennel area. Look for rubber or plastic mats that are easy to clean and durable.

3. Kennel Deck Flooring

Kennel decks are great for larger dogs as they help keep them away from the concrete or dirt. They trap odours and also help keep dogs dry in all weather.

These kennel decks have a non-skid surface and are made from weather-resistant material. When you’re considering putting together a kennel flooring system, make sure that your dog’s water and bedding is located at the very front of the kennel.

That way, when you wash down the kennel, it’s easier for their waste to go into the runoff channels or septic system.

What’s the Best Dog Kennel Flooring?

The best outside dog kennel flooring is easy to clean and sanitary. It’s comfortable for dogs to both sit and stand on and is also long-lasting.

If possible, obtain a small sample of any plastic mats before you use them. You don’t want to install kennel flooring that your dog doesn’t like! You can usually test them over the course of a few days to determine which is best for your dog’s needs.

We offer several colours of floor sealer that has a glossy finish. It reduces dust and is easy to clean. All our products are made to order, and we can work with flooring for dog kennels of any size.

Contact us today so we can talk about your future dog kennel flooring.