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Your Quick Guide to Pet Friendly Flooring

Are you ready for gleaming new floors your beloved pet will not destroy?

Whether they are functional or decorative (or both), floors of any kind are an essential component of your home.

However, your pet ownership should not have to stand in the way of your desire to install the floors of your dreams.

Home and business owners alike have a host of options when it comes to pet friendly flooring. Read on for insight!

1. Prioritise Easy-to-Clean Pet Proof Flooring

The best flooring for pets should be easy to clean. Dogs and cats are often likely to shed, create accidents or track in residues and dirt from outside areas.

As such, pliable or soft surfaces are not ideal for pet owners. Carpets and rugs are much harder to clean than harder surfaces such as linoleum, wood, tile or resin surfaces.

If you are installing a brand-new floor and anticipate sharing it with your pet, choose a surface most amenable to effective cleaning.

We recommend hard surfaces, particularly those that can be finished in a way to prevent future damage from animal claws and accidents. If your home does have a lot of rugs, make sure these are easily washable.

2. Choose Appropriate Coating

The secret to dog or cat proof flooring lies in its coating. It is possible to finish a hard surface with a special coating designed to resist scratches, chipping, staining and more.

At Resin Floor Coatings UK, we offer a full range of epoxy and polyurethane based paints and coatings that can protect your floor for the duration of its lifespan. These are suitable for industrial and residential homes, particularly those with frequent pet traffic.

The best coatings are available for concrete, wood, metal, asphalt and grano surfaces. You can even apply these coatings yourself rather than having an expert do so!

Learn more about appropriate pet friendly coatings here.

3. Invest in Cleaning Supplies

In addition to applying a pet-proof coating to your floor, make sure to have appropriate cleaning supplies on hand.

While properly coated floors will protect these surfaces against pet-related damage and stains, they will still need proper attention and care.

The best cleaning supplies will not damage existing primers or floor coating. They will also effectively remove any substances, residue or dirt.

4. Consult Professionals

All in all, your secret to scratch resistant flooring lies in the hands of experts. You can fully explore the range of concrete flooring primers, coating and materials available to pet owners by consulting professionals.

Experts will also be able to install pet proof floors or apply the coating you need to keep your pet and your home happy.

Your Guide to Pet Friendly Flooring

It is possible to keep your home or business in sparkling condition despite owning pets. Be sure to invest in hard surface floors to minimise damage from pet activity.

Additionally, explore primers and coatings designed to resist damage and staining for decades to come. Professionals can advise you in caring for or installing a coated floor.

At Resin Floor Coating, we pride ourselves in our professional-grade, durable floor coatings. We are eager to speak with you about pet-proofing options. Reach out today to start a conversation!