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Floor Coatings

Tough, Durable & Longlife Floor Coatings

RFC offer a wide range of epoxy and polyurethane based paints and coatings for most internal domestic and industrial applications. These products are manufactured for maintenance personnel or the home DIY-er to achieve a professional level installation without the need for an external contractor.

Most flooring systems are offered in a range of attractive colours with the durability and protective qualities of a 2 part system built in as standard. There is a floor coating for all surfaces including concrete, wood, metal, grano and asphalt. For guidance please don’t hesitate to phone or email.

  • RFC Coloured Concrete Floor Sealer

    Coloured Concrete Floor Sealer & Dust Proofer

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  • Sale! Resdev Pumadur HF being installed by trowell

    Resdev Pumadur HF Heavy Duty Polyurethane Floor Screed

    £73.99 £59.99
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  • RFC Clear Dust Proofer & Sealant

    RFC Clear Dustproofer

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  • RFC Epoxy Floor Coating

    RFC Epoxy Floor Coating

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