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Concrete Floor Primers

Prior to installing a floor paint or coating RFC advise sealing porous floor substrates with one of our dedicated concrete floor primers.

Why should I apply a concrete floor primer first?

Many flooring professionals install two coats of top coat onto bare concrete rather than priming the surface with a dedicated single or two-pack primer. However, primers have different properties to top coats and perform different functions.

A good quality primer will penetrate the surface of the substrate to seal it. In the case of a damp proof membrane (DPM) this will prevent moisture from attacking the finished coating from below.

A floor primer also provides a surface that a decorative floor can easily adhere to. Under a microscope, the primed surface will be bumpy. This gives the top coat something to anchor onto. The result is a long-lasting finish that won’t chip or peel within a few months.

Preparing the floor surface

Thorough preparation of your concrete flooring will result in the best results. This might involve stripping old paint if applied in a domestic environment and ensuring the environment is completely clear of concrete dust. For commercial spaces, this might involve cleaning chemicals or mechanical preparation with specialist equipment.

Types of floor primers

RFC offers a range of concrete primer products suited to indoor environments. Although the market offers acrylic, polyurethane and epoxy primer products RFC supplies only professional epoxy floor paints as their adhesion and durability are the best suited to harsh environments in industrial and commercial buildings.

Our range of floor primers includes an epoxy damp proof membrane to prevent moisture from attacking the top coat, an oil contamination primer perfect for workshops and garages and a tack coat primer where extra adhesion is required prior to screeding or where the repair of concrete floors and joints is required.

Technical datasheets are available for all our products with appropriate technical advice on product usage, installation and drying periods.

Choose the correct concrete primer for your surface condition from the range below.

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