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4 Reasons Why You Need a Painted Garage Floor

There’s something satisfying about the clean and glossy look that you get when you paint your garage floor.

Painting your garage floor is an excellent and easy way to update your garage.

While a painted floor looks much neater than bare concrete, the benefits of a painted garage floor go far beyond aesthetics alone.

Painting your garage floor can cover any cracks and imperfections in your garage floor, while also helping to preserve it.

Can’t decide whether you should paint your garage floor?

Here are four reasons why this simple DIY project is a must for all homeowners.

1. Brighten Your Garage

Do you find it hard to see when working in your garage?

Garages tend not to be the brightest areas, but the problem may not lie with the ceiling lights.

Bare concrete absorbs light, so if you think your garage seems a bit dark, your floors may be to blame.

Painting the floor could rectify this problem. Several colours are known for reflecting light. Painting your garage floors with one of these shades could brighten your garage without having to install any extra lighting.

And those who often work in their garages know there is no such thing as having too much light.

2. Improve Traction

Bare concrete floors can be slippery when wet.

Anyone who has ever walked into their garage in wet shoes knows how easy it is to slip and fall on an uncovered floor. You can help prevent these kinds of accidents by painting your garage floor.

Applying an epoxy floor paint to your garage floor can help improve floor traction and make your garage a much safer place to work.

3. Reduce Dust

Does everything in your garage tend to wind up covered in a fine layer of white dust — no matter how short an amount of time it’s been in there?

If you have this problem, look no further than your floors.

After a few years of continued use, uncovered concrete begins to break down and transforms from a durable floor into a dust factory.

Worst of all, once your concrete floor starts creating dust, it will wind up everywhere.

The dust that comes off of concrete is super-fine and clings to everything. This means that you can pick it up the moment you set foot in your garage and track it throughout your entire home.

You can get rid of this dust completely by painting your garage floor. Epoxy paint will seal your garage floor keeping any current dust down while preventing new dust from getting kicked up.

4. Easier to Clean

Garages can be dirty places, but with a painted garage floor you won’t have to worry about struggling to clean up any messes that are bound to happen.

Things like chemicals and oil can seep into and stain bare concrete. But, an epoxy paint creates an impenetrable seal that will keep your garage floors safe from stains.

Because messes will sit on top of the paint, rather than soak into anything, you’ll be able to easily wipe away most messes — no matter how major they may seem.

Why You Need a Painted Garage Floor

Having a painted garage floor won’t only improve the look of your garage — it can increase the functionality of the space.

Ready to get to work and take your garage to the next level?

We have everything you need to paint your garage floor. Contact us for more information!