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  • Sale! 10 Litre black plastic paint scuttle

    10 Litre Plastic Paint Scuttle

    £11.00 £7.99
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  • Sale! 9inch cast paint roller frame cage

    9 Inch Cast Metal Paint Roller Frame

    £15.00 £11.99
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  • Sale!

    Blue Stripe Medium Pile Paint Roller Refill 9 Inch

    £10.00 £5.99
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  • RFC Coloured Concrete Floor Sealer

    Coloured Concrete Floor Sealer & Dust Proofer

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  • Sale!

    Metal Extendable Paint Roller Pole 0.76-1.2m

    £20.00 £10.99
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  • Sale! Resdev Pumadur HF being installed by trowell

    Resdev Pumadur HF Heavy Duty Polyurethane Floor Screed

    £73.99 £59.99
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  • Pumatect on factory floor in light grey

    Resdev Pumatect High Build Coating

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  • Sale! Mid grey garage floor paint

    Resin Garage Floor Coating Kit

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  • RFC Chemical Guard Epoxy Resin Coating

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  • RFC Clear Dust Proofer & Sealant

    RFC Clear Dustproofer

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  • A tin and tub of RFC liquid epoxy damp proof membrane

    RFC Epoxy Damp Proof Membrane

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  • RFC Epoxy Deep Fill Mortar

    RFC Epoxy Deep Fill Mortar

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  • RFC Epoxy Fine Grade Mortar

    RFC Epoxy Fine Grade Mortar

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  • RFC Epoxy Floor Coating

    RFC Epoxy Floor Coating

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  • RFC Epoxy Tack Coat Primer

    RFC Epoxy Tack Coat Primer

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  • RFC Epoxy Wall Coating

    RFC Epoxy Wall Paint

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