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Pumaflor Pumascreed Coloured Epoxy Resin Screed


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Pumascreed is a coloured epoxy resin from the Pumaflor range, perfect for repairing badly damaged concrete floors. It can be trowel applied at 4-6mm or above. The resulting floor surface has a lightly textured finish.

Use Resdev Pumascreed for areas where abrasion resistance is vital. These include packaging areas, warehouses, workshops, manufacturing and storage areas as well as in aerospace and automotive industries.

Prior to application, the floor should be primed with Pumaprime TC or RFC Epoxy Tack Coat primer.

Following application, the floor should be sealed with Pumagrout SF Coloured Epoxy Seal Coat.

Please note this is a professional level flooring product, installation should only be attempted by suitably qualified/experienced persons.

Coverage for Pumascreed will depend on the thickness of application.

  • 2kg/m² per 1mm thickness
  • 8kg/m² per 4mm thickness
  • 12kg/m² per 6mm thickness


  • 3 component system
  • Lightly textured finish
  • Can protect against light chemical attack
  • Available in a wide selection of standard colours
  • 25mins working pack life
  • Apply between 15°C and 25°C
  • 24 hour curing time for pedestrian traffic
  • 72 hour curing time for heavy traffic
  • 7-day full chemical and water resistance
  • 12 hours between coats
  • 4-6mm thickness per application
  • 27.28kg pack size
  • BS8204 Synthetic Resin Flooring Type 6

Complete technical and safety information can be found in the technical datasheet available below.


Pumascreed Technical Datasheet

Additional information

Weight 27.27 kg

Dark Grey, Light Grey, Charcoal, Chelsea Blue, Midnight Blue, Safety Red, Safety Yellow, Mid Blue, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, Buff, Sahara, Red, Mid Grey, Black



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