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Resin Garage Floor Coating Kit


Everything required to professionally paint a single or double garage floor for a long lasting, hard wearing and hygienic finish.

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Garage floor paint and tools to professionally coat a single or double garage floor for a long-lasting, hardwearing and hygienic finish.

What’s the problem?

Perhaps you have an old dusty concrete garage floor that you’d like to make better use of, you also want it to look good be safe and hygienic. Maybe the surface is also quite rough, in need of repair and not safe for children or pets.

What’s the solution?

Resin Floor Coatings UK offer complete garage floor paint kits for single or double garages with a simple 2 coat, 2 component application system. This shouldn’t be confused with basic single tin floor paints that will flake after a relatively short space of time. Whether you simply want to improve the look of your garage floor or make it an extension of your home by improving hygiene our garage floor coating kit fits the bill. Available in a range of 7 gloss colours it’s easy to add a great decorative finish to your garage.

What’s in the box?

We provide everything you need in one box for a successful and hard-wearing application that lasts up to 5 years if well maintained. This garage floor painting kit is an epoxy-based system. As well as garage spaces it’s also perfect for use in workshops, kennels and storage rooms. Contents include;

  • Easy-to-follow application instructions
  • 2 x 5 kg units of epoxy-based floor coating paint with resin and hardener components. 4 x 5 kg units for a double garage.
  • 2 x Wooden stirrer
  • 1 x High quality 12″ paint roller frame
  • 1 x 1m telescopic paint brush pole
  • 2 x High quality 12″ medium pile roller sleeves
  • 1 x 15 ltr plastic mixing scuttle
  • 2 x Pairs of latex gloves
  • 2 x 2″ disposable paint brushes for cutting in

From time to time it might be necessary to swap an accessory for one of similar quality due to availability.

Installation Instructions

We’ve put together the following instructions and safety notes for installing our garage floor kits.
Garage Floor Painting Instructions

Garage Floor Paint Coverage

Each 5kg unit will cover up to 20m² depending on the porosity of the current surface, two 5kg packs are included in the single kit which is enough paint to give two coats to the following standard British single garage sizes.

  • Small single 2.4m x 4.9m or 8 by 16 feet
  • Medium single 2.7m x 5.5m or 9 by 18 feet
  • Large single 3.0m x 6.1m or 10 by 20 feet

For larger spaces or double garages, the double garage kit should be chosen.

We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the accessories included in the single garage kit we purchased. The package was received within a few days of ordering and was packed well. We look forward to the weekend project ahead!
P Wilkinson, Dorset

Flooring Preparation

If your floor has been subjected to oil we recommend first priming with RFC Oil Contamination Primer this will prevent the oil from attacking the paint from below resulting in flaking. This epoxy-based paint is only microns thick, so if you have a rough surface and the decorative aspect is important to you, we recommend smoothing and filling before application.

If you’re painting a new garage floor we recommend waiting 4-6 weeks before applying our kits, this will allow any trapped moisture to escape and the concrete to fully cure. If this is not possible you could apply RFC Epoxy Damp Proof Membrane to your floor following which you can paint over instantly. Alternatively, you could coat it with a paint that incorporates a primer, like this.

To fill or repair damaged or pitted concrete surfaces use a repair mortar such as RFC Epoxy Fine Grade Mortar. This will result in a smoother, more attractive and more professional finish particularly good if you plan to use it as an extension of your home.


All other colours are currently made to order and delivery will take 4-5 working days. Please note this delivery time is not guaranteed, you should contact us before placing any time-sensitive orders.

FAQ’s & Important Notes

How accurate are the colour swatches?

Please note the colour swatches above should be used as a general guide only. For colour-critical applications please request a sample before ordering or installing.

To avoid any issues with colour between tins your first tin application should cover the whole of the garage floor. Your second tin application should then cover the same space once dried. Do not for example open 1 tin and coat half of the area, leave to dry, then cover the same area and then do the same with the second tin on the other half. This could result in a visible side-by-side difference in shade. This is a 2 stage application using a full tin on each stage.

How should I prepare the surface?

Concrete and cement-based surfaces should be dust-free and any potential contaminants such as previous paint or sealers removed otherwise discolouring of the newly painted surface could occur. This product is a colour sealer and protector, it is not a high-build coating and so will not even out rough surfaces. The surface should be adequately prepared before application. No refunds can be offered when the correct preparation and application procedure has not been followed.

What can I do with spare resin or hardener?

For the garage sizes above all of the supplied resin and hardener should be applied. This is true even if this means going into a third coating. If you are happy with the finish and still have spare paint components these need to be disposed of at your local refuse site. These cannot be returned under any circumstances and no partial refund is available.

Is garage floor paint waterproof?

RFC Garage Floor Coating is a polyurethane-based 2-component system that is completely waterproof once dry.

Why is my garage floor paint peeling?

Inferior floor coatings or inadequate preparation can result in paint peeling after installation. Follow these guidelines before installation for the best possible results:

  1. If the surface to be painted is porous it can retain moisture. A potentially damp surface or slab should be primed with a damp-proof membrane.
  2. A new concrete floor contains lots of moisture. You should allow the floor to dry fully before painting. Wait at least 2 weeks before application.
  3. To ensure maximum adhesion to the surface your floor should be suitably abraded and slightly rough.
  4. Choosing a professional 2 component system rather than a single-component paint will result in a harder more durable surface.

How long does garage floor paint last?

RFC opts for a 2-component system that if installed correctly, cleaned and maintained should last a minimum of 3-5 years and beyond. Cheaper single-component paints will show signs of wear or begin to flake within 1-2 years.

The legal bits

Our resin floor coating products are safe to use but as with all chemical products we are bound by law to provide safety data sheet information (SDS), please find this information below in handy PDF format.
MSDS Resin Component
MSDS Hardener Component

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Garage Size

Single, Double


Light Grey, Mid Grey, Dark Grey, Green, Yellow, Red, Charcoal, Blue

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