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RFC Clear Dustproofer


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If you need to rid your working environment of dust then RFC Clear Dustproofer will do the job perfectly. It’s a low-cost alternative to coloured resin floor coatings.

Dust in industrial settings is a common problem. Foot or mechanical traffic on the floor aggravates the concrete surface spewing fine particles into the air. This dust then dirties products and machinery as well as causing problems for air-conditioning units and health issues for workers.

The dust proofer sealant will impregnate porous concrete and also act as a strengthening agent to the surface. 2 coats are recommended and to really soak into the surface we recommend mixing the first coat with 20% RFC Industrial Tool Cleaner – a thinning agent. Once cured no more dust will be created or enter the working environment. Furthermore, the floor will be stronger and more durable.


  • Polyurethane based floor seal
  • Perfect for dust proofing food preparation areas, engineering spaces, plant rooms, storage areas, factories & warehousing
  • Increases the durability and strength of the surface
  • Makes cleaning easier and quicker
  • Easy to apply by brush, soft sweeping broom or roller
  • Transparent clear gloss finish with a brownish hue
  • Available in 5 & 25kg units
  • Ready to use single component system
  • 45m² coverage per 5kg
  • 0.2mm application thickness with 2 coats
  • 2 coats recommended for an even finish
  • Great for use in areas subjected to heavy wear
  • Touch dry in 4-6 hours
  • Suitable for foot traffic in 16 hours
  • Suitable for heavy traffic in 36 hours
  • Fully cured in 3-4 days
  • Similar to Resdev Pumaseal P1 and Watco Concrete Sealer

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