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RFC Industrial Floor Cleaner


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Effectively remove dirt, grime, oil, soot, grease, tyre marks and fat from hard industrial floors. Dirt gradually builds up over time and removing it can massively prolong the life of your resin or epoxy-based floor. RFC Industrial Floor Cleaner is supplied in 2 sizes, 5 and 25kg units, to suit the size of your space. It can also be diluted to up to 250 parts water which makes it one of the most economical heavy-duty industrial floor cleaners on the market.

This cleaning agent can be used in a wide range of environments including food preparation areas since it has an unperfumed formula, it can also be used in garages, workshops and general industrial buildings. Keeps your floor looking great and helps protect your staff from slips and falls. Simply apply with a mop and wipe clean, stubborn stains may require neat or multiple applications.


  • Makes your floor clean & safe
  • Effective when mixed with hard, soft, warm or cold water
  • Concentrated economy formula dilutes up to 1:250 parts water
  • Unperfumed formula won’t taint food environments
  • Easily remove grease, fat, oil and ingrained soil from hard floors
  • Supplied in 5kg and 25kg units
  • Heavy-duty cleaning agent
  • Clear liquid maintains the colour of your floor
  • Simply mop clean and wipe the surface
  • Similiar to Resdev Pumaclean and Watco Industrial Floor Cleaner

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